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  • Foundation Repair

    East Texans face foundation problems more often than not. Unstable clay soils and extreme weather cause foundation damage in Lufkin and the surrounding areas. We offer various foundation repair methods to give you a firm & secure foundation.

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  • House Leveling

    Does your home feel like the rolling hills of Texas? Do you have cracks in the exterior & interior walls or ceiling? Do your doors & windows stick? Conwell Foundation Repair offers free quotes & inspections of your foundation. We can help you regain a safe & level home.

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  • Pier & Beam Repair

    Pier and beam homes present many problems because of moisture and shifting of their wooden piers. At Conwell Foundation Repair, we recognize and correct issues specific to pier and beam homes. We will provide you with an honest quote to repair your home's foundation.

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  • Slab Repair

    Jammed doors, broken tiles, and cracks in bricks and sheetrock are just a few things that indicate foundation problems. Peace of mind is just a quick call away. Our team of foundation professionals will provide you with a FREE consultation and quote to repair your slab.

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Foundation Problems in Lufkin

The clay soil in East Texas can create significant foundation problems. Our climate stresses your foundation constantly: the soaring summer temperatures and the dramatic changes in rainfall cause the soil to expand and contract. This results in cracks and shifting under the pressure of the ground expansion.

At Conwell Foundation Repair, we help homeowners get a firm & solid foundation.

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How Do I Know If I Need Home Foundation Inspection?

Look for the following problems in your home. If you discover any of these foundation issues, it's time to call our trusted foundation repair team.

Exterior Cracks
Doors Out of Square & Uneven Floors
Door Frame/Window Frame Separation from Bricks
Bouncing Floors
Rotten Wood on Pier & Beam Homes
Cabinets or Built-ins Pulling from the Walls
Tile Cracks

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We Make House Foundation Repair Work Less Stressful

  • Foundation Damage Assessment

    Our team will analyze your foundation in great detail, so there aren’t any surprises. And it’s always FREE.

  • Fair Pricing & Meticulous Quotes

    Let us remove the stress of the unknown. Our foundation repair pricing is always fair and reasonable.

  • Honest Work Guaranteed

    We do what we say we will do when we say we will do it. You can always count on that.

Trusted Foundation & Slab Repair in East Texas

When you choose Conwell Foundation Repair, you can relax in your home without the stress and worry of whether the cracks in your walls will get bigger, your windows and doors sticking forever, and, even worse, your floors caving in. Whether you have a pier & beam home or need concrete home foundation repair, we provide various foundation repair methods like slab repair,

helical repair, and more to ensure your home is repaired correctly. Give your family the safety they deserve with a solid foundation from a foundation repair team that genuinely cares about the structure of your home. If you're a homeowner in Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Longview, Tyler, or surrounding areas, give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

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Areas We Serve

We proudly service several areas in East Texas with high-quality home foundation repair.

• Centerville
• Madisonville
• Crockett
• Nacogdoches

• Center
• San Augustine
• Hemphill

• Brookeland
• Jasper
• Woodville
• Livingston
• Trinity
• Lufkin